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Women's Programs

Women's Programs

RL Moda Wigs Inc. offers clients special contracts for hair prosthesis and wig services. The contracts available are vast and provide clients with uttermost satisfaction. Of the many contracts, RL Moda Elegance and RL Moda Beauty are the two most common. These programs are specially designed to address hair loss concerns for individuals experiencing alopecia, thinning hair and other hair loss conditions.

This is considered an issue that requires adequate knowledge and support in treatment and non-surgical hair replacement. Our team of experts are fully trained and educated on all aspects of servicing clients with such hair conditions. The contracts offered are very effective and will produce results that are lasting and impressive.

 Our company is well-established in the business and we have been performing various techniques for hair replacement. Since we are diverse in all categories of hair replacement and products efficient in improving hair quality and strength, our clients are confident of all services provided.  The services offered are time efficient and promotes longevity, quality and comfort. We are also open to answer various questions in regards to performing non-surgical hair replacement for our clients. We will provide adequate information about the experience and make sure you are comfortable.



RL Moda® Elegance a contract that will last for one year; the hair will be serviced, installed and styled monthly for 12 months. This specialized system is highly recommended for women requiring more volume (thinning hair) or those with hair missing on the top of the head and crown. 


Two hair prosthesis of high end quality are provided which will be customized to you. There are several methods of installation possible, which includes:


  • Clips
  • The adhesive/glue system
  • The tubular system
  • Custom installation based on specific needs


The services will be provided throughout 12 months with monthly sessions. There are different payment methods available; clients can select whichever is more convenient to them.

The RL Moda® Beauty contract offers wigs that are made custom to suit your specific needs. The contract will be valid for one year; wigs will be installed, styled and serviced. The system is an exemplary design suitable for women experiencing complete or partial hair loss. The wig is custom-made and is of improved quality. There are various systems available for installation; these include full and front lace wigs and high end lace front wigs.


  • The glue/adhesive system
  • Clips
  • Sew in


Clients will receive monthly services for 12 months.