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Juliana Volumizer

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This product was add on our catalog on 29-12-2015
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Availability: In stock

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This Volumizing hair system gives volume to the top crown of the hair. This system is ideal for adding volume to cover thinning at the top and crown areas of your hair. Choose your length, base size and color. Sale on Volumizer - ONLINE ONLY - Prices may vary in store! Call for an appointment for a Custom in store order - 514-907-3322 ext. 1 or Email us at wigs@orderquality.com for a quote. Most of our volumizers are in stock, however it can take 6-8 weeks for delivery if we need to make it. If in stock it can take up to 4 weeks. . All the bases are made by hand individually and made from a resistant monofilament lace base. Just clip it on! The Juliana volumizer, made from human hair, has long layers that frame your face. Please note that hairpieces bought in store are cut and adjusted to each individual. However, online we send a pre-cut hair piece that can be adjusted by your hairdresser if ever needed. Length: 14" Small piece 4x4 inches To learn more see our Learn section with all the details of hair types and many more important information.

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