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Hair Extensions

RL Moda® Tape Extensions

If you are searching for comfort in wearing a hair product that makes you feel superior with class and fashion, this is the ideal hair product for you. The RL Moda® Tape Extensions are uniquely designed to promote a realistic appeal. Fabulously you can feel classy when you brandish genuine hair extensions that are hard to detect. The adhesive tape is introduced primarily to firmly secure your RL Moda® Tape Extensions without any visibility. It is as if you are brandishing your own hair.

RL Moda® Clip in Extensions
Are you in search of a hair extension that is classy yet easy to use without damaging your natural hair? If you are, RL Moda® Clip in Extensions will satisfy your desire. Application is only temporary, you can modify the hair when you want and how you want. You can easily change your appearance without doing any adjustments to your normal hair.