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About Order Quality Wigs, Inc.





Excellence - Beauty - Comfort - Longevity – Quality

We would like you to know what Order Quality Wigs, Inc. is capable of doing for you, and why we are the number 1 choice for complete and partial hair systems


Our main Products:

All our wigs and hairpieces are professionally crafted with the finest quality hair, Perruques RL Moda Wigs®.

We have professional technicians that choose and sort our hair according to color, texture, and lengths. Our skills and craftsmanship are unbeatable. Do not be fooled by imitation

companies that lack experience and knowledge that is needed to produce hair prosthetics. Come and pick a wig that will fit you perfectly.


Our main Services:

We offer top of the line services, we have a team of experienced wig stylists, color technicians, state of the art techniques, wig placements,


Order Quality Wigs, Inc. is THE Biggest Wig Store in the Province of Quebec (including Hair replacement & Toupee). You have a very large variety of choices presented on two-floors, a complete Hair Salon integrated in the store with the latest trends and fashions and several private rooms. Our Wig Boutique will amaze you.

Hair color of the producer Chantal Lacroix, now available.

The largest selection of wigs in the Province of Quebec

MONTREAL HAIR CLINIC™ for Ladies, men & children. Open to the public! FREE & PRIVATE CONSULTATION

New collection of Hair Prosthesis & Lace Wigs. Come visit our two-floor Showroom Hair Salon ! Come and visit us and see it yourself !


We offer many products, including:

- African American Wiigs
- Brazilian Wigs
- Biosilk® Products
- Custom made Wigs
- European Wigs
- Extensions (synthetic and natural)
- Full Lace Wig
- Fusion Extensions
- Hairpieces
- Hair Prosthesis
- Hair replacement solutions
- Hair Volumizer
- Italian Wigs
- Lace Wigs
- Lace Front Wigs
- Lace closures
- Loop & Lock Extensions
- Kosher Wigs
- Medical Prosthesis
- Ponytails
- Ready-to-wear Perruques RL Moda Wigs®
- Toupees (for men and children)
- Weft
- Wigs (synthetic and natural)


We offer many services, including:

- Hair Salon
- Adding hair to wigs
- Blow dry & Hair Dye
- Cut, Style & Updos (wedding, proms...)
- Extension Placement
- Revitalising Wigs
- Streaks & Highlights
- Wig Adjustment
- Wig Placement
- Wig Repairs, Restoration & Alteration

Require Perruques RL Moda Wigs®, it’s to require quality.

We have supplied many professional models with wigs and extensions for photo shoots. We have done many wigs for Anne-Marie Losique in the movie La Minute Blonde (see our press section for more details). We have done wigs for plays, movies and theatre. We have created special character wigs such as Cinderella, Belle, Snow white and King Louis XIV wigs. We have produced wigs for sculptures replicating world renowned paintings. We have supplied the Boogie Wonder Band with funky wigs (see our press section for more details). We created wigs impersonating Madonna, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, etc...

We can pretty much recreate almost any style. We also make miracles, literally! We are capable of creating a wig with your own hair; we do this all the time. Usually a woman that has to undergo chemotherapy will come see us to get her hair cut in a special way to save as much hair as possible and use the hair to create a wig. You wouldn’t believe the outcome. Sometimes you want a change? Come to us for extensions or to add volume to your hair, purchase a wig or a hairpiece. We have all solutions to all problems.

Most importantly our expertise gives us the privilege to also help people with hair loss caused from Cancer, Alopecia, Physical Accidents and effects of medications look themselves again. We are affiliate with many organization, association and non profit or non charitable organization in Canada and in the US. These affiliations allow us to give with NO PROFIT wigs or hairpieces for Cancer patient, Aids patient and Alopecia patient. Please refer to our CanDonate Hair Program by Order Quality Wigs, Inc. for more information.


The Best part of our Company (unlike other companies) that we feel is a major asset and helps us help you is that we all wear wigs and/or hairpieces!!!

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Our main Stylist:

Ellen C., Mario-Philippe G., Leigh H.


Our main Makeup Artist:

Sheila Inzlicht, Mario-Philippe Gingras.


Our main Models:

Ella Rose, Jenn Wright, Sheila Lipkowitz, Jessica Lolita, Lisette O., D'Anita C., Leah B., Laurie B., Venus B., Ellen C., Cassandra BB., Maurice O.. Order Quality Wigs, Inc. is proud accept hair donations for children who have cancer. For more informations regarding Media Relations / Hair Donations / Social Involvement contact raphael@orderquality.com Donate us your hair by sending it to 5847 Cote-des-Neiges in Montreal, Qc, H3S 1Z2.

Social implications in which Order Quality Wigs, Inc. contributes in Quebec's values.

Order Quality Wigs, Inc. is proud to accept hair donations from the Canadian Cancer Society to make wigs. For more information visit