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Mity Tite Adhesif

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Availability: In stock

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Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 15 ml with brush


Mity-Tite is our #1 daily wear liquid adhesive. This product is intended for touchups between replacements. If you intend to remove your hair system every day or every few days we recommend looking at our tapes for easier application and removal. However, if you are going for extended or permanent holds with other adhesives, then Mity-Tite is your best friend! All adhesives break down at different rates based on environment and the person wearing it. Mity-Tite is there for when your unit starts to lift and you need to quickly and easily get a hold back. Many users carry it with them all the time just in case they need that emergency boost. Another common practice is to use Mity-Tite as a booster for tapes. Some stylists put down the tape, then put a thin layer of Mity-Tite onto the tape before applying the unit. Honestly, most tapes don't need this anymore because tapes have improved so much. But if it works for you, great! Acrylic Waterproof

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