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Hair Loss, hair replacement and hair loss treatment for women & men

Did you know that nothing seems to speak better about our personality than our hair? This is why losing hair does great damage to our self esteem. Experts have said that hair is a highly individualized feature. Like the eyes, it is unmistakable when associated to a certain individual. Also, in the world of flirting and relationships, studies have shown that the capillary adornment attracts first and foremost, before the body features are noticed. Hair loss is terrible for both women and men.


Many Causes for Hair Loss

The hair aspect is about two decisive aspects: genetic heritage, the natural endowment so to speak, and the maintenance. We experience hair loss sometimes because our parents dealt with the same issue, and because we do not support enough its growth. While we cannot do much about the first, it is certainly within our power to assure the best maintenance when losing hair.


Stop losing hair by firstly determining the factors that led to the diminishing. It can be the stress, autoimmune disorders, certain medications, skin disease, chemical damage, heredity and much more. Only by knowing what triggers your hair loss you can find the right solution. Consequently, proceed to minimize losing hair by applying the right products – the best being the Nioxin treatment. If losing hair persists, the cause might be an underlying illness or chemotherapy for the cancer patients. In this case, losing hair must be met with the special prostheses that we offer.

Our Hair Loss Clinics offer Free Private Consultation to find the best treatment to your Hair Loss Condition

Order Quality Wigs Inc. offers a large selection of hair loss solutions through its network of clinics in Montreal, Laval and West Island, Quebec . All solutions are uniquely designed to satisfy the needs and taste of every client. We offer the finest quality products of human hair wigs, hair extensions, hair prosthesis, toupees and others.  We are proud to be the FIRST hair clinic in Montreal to sell and service Lace Wigs. Our experts are certified and have a long experience in providing the best hair loss consultation and treatment .

Integrate the volumizers into your hair when faced with losing hair. Order Quality, Inc. has tubular, adhesive and clips systems, all non-permanent or semi-permanent. You task is to simply choose what looks best on you and leave the worries aside, because we will take care of your hair for the duration of one year, according to the contract.

 Visit our hair loss clinic in Montreal, Laval or West Island for the best hair loss consultation and  treatment

Take action right away if you deal with losing hair. The Order Quality, Inc. salon experts will find the program to suit your budget. FREE private consultations are available.

If you comply with the healthy grooming routine, you won't have to worry about losing hair again.

There are no risks involved, as our clients receive monthly services for 12 months.