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Cancer and Hair Prosthesis




The RL Moda Hope® plan is introduced to help you go through chemotherapy with high end hair prosthesis. The hair prosthesis designed by RL Moda® is created from natural hair and appears very realistic.

This exclusive service contract will be valid before, during and after your chemotherapy sessions.

 Once confirmed by your doctor that the process for chemotherapy treatment will begin, Order Quality Wigs will offer assistance in answering all your questions pertaining to your scalp and hair treatments, so that we can minimize your stress. We are experts in the field and we will offer our continuous support to you throughout this process.

 Before starting your chemotherapy session, we will take a record of your existing hairstyle, color and length. We will create a wig to suit your self-image. All the wigs in our show room can be altered to fit your facial structure. We are equipped with the necessary tools to add curl, streaks and change the color of the wig of your choice. Our primary focus is to suit your desires. We will educate you on the complete process and what is to be expected. We also perform pre-cut sessions to demonstrate how your hair would look; this will make the experience of chemotherapy induced hair loss less traumatic. 


  1. Choosing your wig: Upon selection of your wig, you will have the option to select one of the Russian or European hair prosthesis of high quality. This is the most prominent of all selections for chemotherapy clients. The wig cap is specially designed to offer you comfort. You can get the realistic appeal desired without discomfort, since the wigs are designed with natural silk and a non-itch material. 

 2. Customizing your wig: Services will be performed monthly in correspondence to the contract agreement. The monthly services provided will be a complete session inclusive of washing and setting your hair prosthesis. All necessary alterations and adjustments will be included. If you are too exhausted to stop by with your wig, we can have it picked up and dropped off to you at an extra charge (20$ flat rate). We will also educate you by teaching you how to care for your wig.

 3.  During your treatments: We also offer one scalp massage and one analysis to enhance your scalp during your treatments. We have several products that are safe and natural to support your scalp, since chemotherapy causes irritation at times and the scalp becomes more sensitive.  

 4.  After your treatments: After your last chemotherapy session when the hair starts to restore itself, we will treat your scalp with special treatments that are safe and natural to support your scalp and a microdermabrasion technique, so that the hair will grow healthy and strong.

 5.  Extended Warranty: The wig you purchase has a 12 month guarantee for manufacturer defects only. We guarantee the origin of the hair.

 * The RL Moda Hope® service plan is only applicable upon purchase of a Russian or European Wig.